The Rend Lake College Microscholarship program allows students in 3rd through 12th grades at schools within Rend Lake College’s district to earn points which can be used as credit toward tuition, fees, books and supplies upon matriculation to RLC (an exception will be made for dual enrollment students).


Parents may register their students on the microscholarship website. Parents and students will update their point totals each quarter via a form to be made available periodically. Points may be earned through a variety of curricular, extracurricular, and community activities throughout the eligible grades.
The points earned by any student are capped at an aggregate of 2,000 points. These points will be applied as “last dollar” credit after all other forms of financial aid have been applied to the student’s account. The points will be divided between semesters. The credit is non-transferable and non-refundable. Any exceptions to the above policy and procedures must be approved by the appropriate member of the President’s Executive Leadership Team.
The college will periodically check for accuracy of submitted point forms and may occasionally audit as needed or appropriate. Any form found to be fraudulent or containing misrepresentations of activities and points earned could result in penalties including but not limited to reduction of points, a reset of all points to zero, or complete removal and exclusion from the program.
The college reserves the right to make alterations to this program as needed, and to inform enrollees of any changes made.