RLC MicroScholarship

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to participate in the Raise a Warrior Micro Scholarship program? 

All students of in-district schools in grades 3rd through 12th. In-district schools include elementary, middle, and high schools in the following communities:

  • Benton 
  • Christopher 
  • Hamilton County 
  • Mt. Vernon 
  • Norris City-Omaha-Enfield 
  • Pinckneyville 
  • Sesser-Valier 
  • Thompsonville 
  • Waltonville 
  • Wayne City 
  • Webber 
  • Woodlawn 
  • Zeigler-Royalton 

What do I get Micro Scholarships for? 

We have predefined activities, based on traditional student experiences. But we are always expanding this list to include more activities.  If your student has accomplishments not listed please include it in the “other” and we will consider adding it to the list.

Do I have to attend RLC?

Yes. Raise a Warrior Micro Scholarships can only be used at Rend Lake College. Money earned through the program is non-transferrable.

When do I need to enter my activities and accomplishments?

After registration, you can enter your activities and accomplishments at any time. We recommend doing so at the end of every quarter.

How much money can I earn?

The maximum that will be awarded to a student is $2,000. 

When can I use my micro scholarship funds?

Micro scholarships can only be "cashed in" after high school graduation.

Do I get more Micro Scholarship dollars for different activities?

Yes, activities and accomplishments fall under basic categories with a dollar amount range from $2 - $50

  • Reading Outside the Classroom $2 - $10
  • Academics $2 - $20
  • Awards/Honors $5 - $50
  • Sports -$10
  • Community Service - $10
  • Clubs/Groups - $10
  •  The Arts - $10
  • Leadership Activities $5 - $20
  • College Prep $5 - $20
  • Career Prep $5 - $20
  • Rend Lake College Activities $5 - $20